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Recherche homme en métro sur Paris Ligne 8

Publié par Loubna

I’m searching for a guy , i met on the metro line 8 between mais alfort stade et opera , the 19th of september at around 7pm . You were sitting in fromt of me , reading a big book and marking stuff on it . We were exchanging glances once in a while and you ended up smiling at me and tried to tell me something . I was wearing a long white chemise with light pink strips , glasses , i have long curly . You were wearing glasses as well and you have hazel hair .
Unfortunately neither of us had the courage to come and say hi literally , i left the metro in opera . If you read this and happens that you recognise yourself , text me :-) .

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Détail de la rencontre

  • Type de transport
  • Date
    mercredi 19 septembre
  • Recherche
    un homme
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